What is your expectation from a chair or table? 
Made from soft textured fabrics and a durable framework of hornbeam wood... with its elegant design and durable structure, D'GARAJ table and chair collection will add a warm touch to your living spaces.

Rieti Glass Green

SKU: VW0011
  • Chair:
    *Width: 48 cm
    *Length: 51 cm
    *Height: 92 cm

    *Width: 160 cm
    *Length: 78 cm
    *Height: 77 cm

    *There are 4 chairs and a table in this set.
    *Kiln-fired hornbeam tree hull is used in table and chair collections.
    *28 dsn HR sponge is used in the chairs.
    *8 mm smoked tempered glass is used in glass models.
    *The products come disassembled in the box and require assembly.
    *Includes assembly manual.