Are you ready for the experience that begins with the design until arrival?



The design process is the first step of the process until a product comes to you.  Furniture and lighting products designed on an idea are detailed down even to the finest touch by our designers.

Bilgisayarda Çalışma


The designed products go through some regulations and evaluations.  The aim here is to enable the end user to use the products in the most efficient way.  The process continues after the designed products are approved by the static department.

Editoryal tasarım


The products to be included in the portfolio are separated according to their collections.  Our interior architects and product designers determine color and texture for each product collection separately.  Fabric textures and types, wood colors are chosen in furniture collections.  In the lighting section, we continue with body surface colors and glass selections.  In short, each product is visualized in its own group down to the smallest detail.

Erkek Takı Tasarımcısı


Now the time has come that the product comes to life.  In the mock-up department, the products begin the first production process as designed and are revealed. This is not a real product.  It is just a mold of the designed products.



The products that are molded in the mock-up department come to the R&D department.  It is subjected to long and detailed tests for the end user through this pattern.  These tests take an average of 160 days for a sofa in the furniture department and 90 days for lighting products.  Here, it is aimed that the products are sustainable and used for many years without any problems had by the users.



Products that have completed the R&D tests are taken into the production process.  Now, all processes have been successfully passed and the products take their places as the production begins on the production line in our factories and workshops in order to deliver them to the end user.

Ürün Paketleyen Girişimci


After the finished products are carefully packed, they get shipped off to D'GARAJ stores.  Online store orders, on the other hand, go through special packaging so that the products are not damaged during the shipping process.  After this adventure, the products are now ready to be delivered to the end users, namely you.